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Treatment day at Greco Island.

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Please contact us if you are planning or conducting work at sites in tidal marsh and shoreline habitats, along creek mouths, or any waterways that connect to the Bay.

Left unchecked, invasive Spartina can dominate mudflats, displace native tidal marsh plant communities, and drastically alter water flow. Our team of specialists can help strategize the best approach to prevent invasive Spartina from encroaching in your site. 

It’s never too early to reach out to our team at the Invasive Spartina Project. Whether your project is in the conceptual design phase or breaking ground, we are here to help. With careful planning, we can get ahead of the spread.

The project team also welcomes comments and questions about the project and its components. Use the form to ask questions about the project, make press inquiries, or start working with our team. Thank you.

Direct project contacts

California State Coastal Conservancy, Marilyn Latta

California Invasive Plant Council, Doug Johnson

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Joy Albertson