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San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project
Impacts of Invasive Spartina

There are four non-native species of invasive Spartina (cordgrass) that have spread throughout tidal wetlands within the San Francisco Bay. These invasive varieties grow more densely than native Spartina and can alter our estuary both physically and biologically, threatening the ecological balance and diversity of its fragile habitats. It spreads rapidly, both by underground runners and by seed that can float on water to new locations. The result is a loss of endangered species habitat, increased flooding from clogged flood control channels, and the creation of mosquito-breeding areas.

The Invasive Spartina Project, a project of the California Coastal Conservancy, is dedicated to controlling the spread of, and eventually eradicating the non-native cordgrass from the San Francisco Bay.

To do so, the ISP coordinates with many Bay Area partners — landowners and property managers, local government, environmental and regulatory agencies, biological consultants, and concerned residents — to monitor and treat invasive Spartina infestations.

We truly appreciate your help in making our efforts to protect our San Francisco Bay Estuary more effective.

Preserving Native Wetlands
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