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01 Alameda Flood Control Channel

02 Bair/Greco Islands

03 Blackie's Pasture

04 Corte Madera Creek Complex

05 Coyote Creek/Mowry Complex

06 Emeryville Crescent

07 Oro Loma Marsh

08 Palo Alto Baylands

09 Pickleweed Park

10 Point Pinole Marshes

11 Southampton Marsh

12 Southeast San Franciso

13 Whale's Tail Complex

15 South Bay Marshes

16 Cooley Landing Salt Pond Restoration

17 Alameda /
San Leandro Bay Complex

18 Colma Creek/
San Bruno Marsh Complex

19 West San Francisco Bay

20 San Leandro/
Hayward Shoreline

21 Ideal Marsh

22 Two Points Complex

23 Marin Outliers

24 Petaluma River

25 Outer Coast

26 North San Pablo Bay

Informaton about current treatment plans for controlling Spartina in our estuary is presented in the following document:

Invasive Spartina Control Plans for the San Francisco Estuary
2008-2010 Control Seasons

June 2008
(PDF, 2 MB)

The Spartina control sites listed on the left directs you to the more detailed list below, which identifies all subsites and provides links to relevant maps and site plan descriptions.

More general information about the treatment plans is presented in the document's introduction (make link to introduction anchor). You can use its table of contents (make link to TOC anchor) to navigate through the document' specific site plans.

Additional information is contained in these related documents:

Attachment 1: Summary of Clapper Rail Data and Invasive Spartina Treatment Palns for 2008-2010, by Clapper Rail Population Region (PDF, 73 KB)

Attachment 2: Impact and Mitigation Checklists (PDF, 14 MB)

Regional Map of All Control Sites (GIF, 193 K) (Part of Attchment 3, Site Maps) Maps for individual sites and subsites can be viewed using the links listed by site below.

For information about a specific site and its treatment plan, click on it's name in the list below. This will take you to the relevant pages of ISP's 2008-2010 site specific plans. Also below are links to individual site and subsite maps.

Control Sites and Subsites

01 Alameda Flood Control Channel
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 01a Channel Mouth (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 01b Lower Channel (excluding mouth) (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 01c Upper Channel (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 01d Upper Channel - Union City Blvd to I-880 (Map (JPG, 1.6 MB))
  • 01e Strip Marsh No. of Channel Mouth (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 01f Pond 3-AFCC (Map (JPG, 1 MB))

02 Bair/Greco Islands
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.2 MB)

  • 02a Belmont Slough/Island, North Point, Bird Island, Steinberger Slough/ Redwood Shores
    (Map (JPG, 1.5 MB))
  • 02b Steinberger Slough South, Corkscrew Slough, Redwood Creek North (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 02c B2 North Quadrant (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 02d B2 South Quadrant - Rookery (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 02e West Point Slough NW (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 02f Greco Island North (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 02g West Point Slough SW and East
    (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 02h Greco Island South (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 02i Ravenswood Slough & Mouth (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 02j Ravenswood Open Space Preserve
    (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 02k Redwood Creek and Deepwater Slough Restoration (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 02l Inner Bair Island Restoration (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 02m Pond B3 Middle Bair Island Restoration (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))

03 Blackie's Pasture
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 03a Blackie's Creek (above bridge) (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 03b Blackie's Creek Mouth (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))

04 Corte Madera Creek Complex
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.3 MB)

  • 04a Corte Madera Marsh Reserve (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 04b College of Marin Ecological Reserve (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 04c Piper Park East (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 04d Piper Park West (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 04e Larkspur Ferry Landing Area (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 04f Riviera Circle (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 04g Creekside Park (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 04h Upper Corte Madera Creek (Above Bon Air Road) (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 04i Lower Corte Madera Creek (Between Bon Air Road & HWY 101) (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 04j Corte Madera Creek Mouth (Downstream of HWY 101) (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 04k Boardwalk No. 1 (Arkites) (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 04l Murphy Creek (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))

05 Coyote Creek/Mowry Complex
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1 MB)

  • 05a Mowry Marsh-Newark Slough to Calaveras Point (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 05b Dumbarton/Audubon (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 05c Newark Slough (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 05d LaRiviere Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 05e Mayhew's Landing (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 05f Coyote Creek- Alameda County (Map (JPG, 786 KB))
  • 05g Cargill Pond (W Hotel) (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))

06 Emeryville Crescent
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 06a Emeryville Crescent East (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 06b Emeryville Crescent West (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))

07 Oro Loma Marsh
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 07a Oro Loma Marsh-East (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 07b Oro Loma Marsh-West (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))

08 Palo Alto Baylands
Site Plan (PDF)
Maps: Overview (JPG, 1.1 MB) Detail (JPG, 1 MB)

09 Pickleweed Park
Site Plan (PDF)
Maps: Overview (JPG, 1.1 MB) Detail (JPG, 1.1 MB)

10 Point Pinole Marshes
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 10a Whittel Marsh (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 10b Southern Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 10c Giant Marsh (Map (JPG, 1 MB))

11 Southampton Marsh
Site Plan (PDF)
Maps: Overview (JPG, 1.3 MB) Detail (JPG, 1 MB)

12 Southeast San Franciso
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 12a Pier 94 (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 12b Pier 98/Heron's Head (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 12c India Basin (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 12d Hunters Point Naval Reserve (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 12e Yosemite Channel (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 12f Candlestick Cove (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 12g Crissy Field
  • 12h Yerba Buena Island (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 12i Mission Creek (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))

13 Whale's Tail Complex
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 13a Old Alameda Creek North Bank (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 13b Old Alameda Creek Island (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 13c Old Alameda Creek South Bank (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 13d Whale's Tail North Fluke (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 13e Whale's Tail South Fluke (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 13f Cargill Mitigation Marsh (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 13g Upstream of 20 Tide Gates (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 13h Eden Landing-North Creek (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 13i Eden Landing-Pond 10 (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 13j Eden Landing-Mt Eden Creek  (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))

14 (Whale's Tail North, consolidated into Site 13, above)

15 South Bay Marshes
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1 MB)

  • 15a South Bay Marshes - Santa Clara County (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 15b Faber/Laumeister Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 15c Shoreline Regional Park (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))

16 Cooley Landing Salt Pond Restoration
Site Plan (PDF)
Maps: Overview (JPG, 852 KB) Detail (JPG, 1.1 MB)  

17 Alameda / San Leandro Bay Complex
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.3 MB)

  • 17a Alameda Island South (Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary, Crown Memorial State Beach, Crab Cove) (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 17b Bay Farm Island (Map (JPG, 1.5 MB))
  • 17c Arrowhead Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 17d MLK Regional Shoreline/Garretson Point (Map (JPG, 1.4 MB))
  • 17e San Leandro Creek (Map (JPG, 1.4 MB))
  • 17f Oakland Inner Harbor (Map (JPG, 1.5 MB))
  • 17g Coast Guard Island (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 17h MLK New Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 17i Coliseum Channels (Map (JPG, 1.4 MB))
  • 17j Fan Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 17k Airport Channel (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 17l Doolittle Pond (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 17m Alameda Island (East: Aeolian Yacht Club and Eastern Shoreline) (Map (JPG, 1.5 MB))

18 Colma Creek/San Bruno Marsh Complex
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 18a Colma Creek (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 18b Navigable Slough (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 18c "Old Marina" (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 18d "Inner Harbor" (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 18e Sam Trans Peninsula (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 18f "Confluence Marsh" (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 18g San Bruno Marsh (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 18h San Bruno Creek (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))

19 West San Francisco Bay
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 19a Brisbane Lagoon (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 19b Sierra Point (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 19c Oyster Cove (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 19d Oyster Point Marina (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 19e Oyster Point Park (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 19f Point San Bruno (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 19g Seaplane Harbor (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 19h SFO (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 19i Mills Creek Mouth (Map (JPG, 1.4 MB))
  • 19j Easton Creek Mouth (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 19k Sanchez Marsh (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 19l Burlingame Lagoon (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 19m Fisherman's Park (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 19n Coyote Point Marina/Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 19o San Mateo Creek/Ryder Park (Map (JPG, 1.4 MB))
  • 19p Seal Slough Mouth (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 19q Foster City (Map (JPG, 1.4 MB))
  • 19r Anza Lagoon (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))

20 San Leandro/Hayward Shoreline
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.2 MB)

  • 20a Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 20b Oakland Metropolitan Golf Links (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20c Dog Bone Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20d Citation Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 20e East Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 20f North Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20g Bunker Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20h San Lorenzo Creek & Mouth (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 20i Bockmann Channel (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20j Sulphur Creek (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20k Hayward Landing (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 20l Johnson's Landing (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 20m Cogswell Marsh, Quadrant A (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20n Cogswell Marsh, Quadrant B (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20o Cogswell Marsh, Quadrant C (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20p Hayward Shoreline Outliers (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20q San Leandro Shoreline Outliers (Map (JPG, 1.4 MB))
  • 20r Oakland Airport Shoreline and Channels (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 20s H.A.R.D. Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20t San Leandro Marina (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 20u Estudillo Creek Channel (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 20v Hayward Landing Canal (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 20w Triangle Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))

21 Ideal Marsh
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1 MB)

  • 21a Ideal Marsh North (Map (JPG, 856 KB))
  • 21b Ideal Marsh South (Map (JPG, 856 KB))

22 Two Points Complex
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 22a Wildcat Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 22b San Pablo Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 22c Rheem Creek Area (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 22d Stege Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 22e Hoffman Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 22f Richmond/ Albany Shoreline (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))

23 Marin Outliers
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1 MB)

  • 23a Brickyard Cove (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 23b Beach Drive (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 23c Loch Lomond Marina (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 23d San Rafael Canal Mouth North (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 23e Muzzi & Martas Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 23f Paradise Cay (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 23g Greenwood Cove (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 23h Strawberry Point (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 23i Strawberry Cove (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 23j Bothin Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.5 MB))
  • 23k Sausalito (Map (JPG, 1.4 MB))
  • 23l Starkweather Park (Map (JPG, 1.2 MB))
  • 23m Novato (Map (JPG, 1 MB))
  • 23n Triangle Marsh & shoreline (Map (JPG, 915 KB))
  • 23o Marin Island

24 Petaluma River
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 897 KB)

  • 24a Upper Petaluma River- Upstream of Grey's Field (Map (JPG, 1.6 MB))
  • 24b Grey's Field (Map (JPG, 1.1 MB))
  • 24c Petaluma Marsh (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 24d Lower Petaluma River-Downstream of San Antonio Creek (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))

25 Outer Coast
Sites currently locally managed.

  • 25a Tom's Point, Tomales
  • 25b Limantour Estero
  • 25c Drakes Estero
  • 25d Bolinas Lagoon, North
  • 25e Bolinas Lagoon, South 

26 North San Pablo Bay
Site Plan (PDF) Map (JPG, 1.1 MB)

  • 26a White Slough/Napa River (Map (JPG, 1.3 MB))
  • 26b San Pablo Bay NWR & Mare Island (Map (JPG, 1 MB))





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